Colloquial Commodification

Just in case you’ve been too busy inspiring the minds of the youth, working your nine to five, or locked away in the library studying, watch this new viral video.


This video was an overnight sensation and even garnered the attention of Ellen.

Now when I first saw all this hype around the video I was a bit confused because I didn’t find it funny or clever. Then I heard about the lifetime supply of Vans, and I was like damn I need to start recording the random stuff I do. I’m trying to go viral. But admist devising my master plan to go viral I came across this meme on bookface, and it made me pause and reflect. How does ownership and intellectual property operate when one goes viral? Is there privilege tied to those who benefit and those that don’t benefit from colloquial commodification? Take for example the viral phenomenon of “on fleek.”

So this young woman creates her own word, which can now be seen in fashion and heard in rap songs. But is that it? No lifetime supply of eyeliner or brow cream? Then again shouldn’t language be an open source material? I’m not sure which side of the argument I agree with. #ClapBack and share your thoughts.

much love,



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