TS Award of the Week

Bookface has done it again. The power of the scroll never seems to disappoint.

This weeks TS Award goes out to everyone that had to endure ignorant questions during Black History Month.

At times residing within a black body seems like a constant justification and explanation:

Why are you here? (Thoughts when your class discusses affirmative action)

Where are you going? (Asks the police officer)

Do you need help? (Only asked after being followed around the store for ten minutes)

So MLK was peaceful and Malcolm X was the radical right?

What does “on fleek” mean?

If I say negro when I sing “Formation” would you be offended?

In an attempt to exist and flourish within this world, take a note from this meme and STOP IT. Just take a day off from justification and being the spokesperson for black history or black culture.

much love,



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