You thirsty or nah?

You know when I see things like the Flint Michigan water crisis happen, I always think back on the times when I’ve said “institutional racism” and “hegemonic structures of power attacking black bodies.” People would just look at me with wide eyes of confusion and say give me an example.

Here’s your example. #ClapBack

For more information about the Flint Michigan water crisis please check out this article:   The New York Times


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2 thoughts on “You thirsty or nah?

  1. Michelle Cannon says:

    This truly is a shocking state of affairs, that things should have gotten to this point. I’m put in mind of an MA mini-assignment we did one week on ‘consumption’ of food/drink. I did mine on the rise of bottled water in the 90’s (that ubiquitous alternative close in restaurants – “Still or sparkling?”) and the disgrace that water should constitute a commodity in the first place. Flint is at one desperate (public) end and the likes of ‘Bling H2O’ is at the obscene (private) other, with power inveigling its way up and down the spectrum. It all stinks.

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    1. praxis says:

      Yes, this definitely is shocking, and as the days go by it still does not seem like the problem is being resolved. People have started donating bottle water. This plastic bottle power trail is now being tied to this crisis as well.


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